Are pets allowed?

Yes. We allow one medium-sized (45 to 50 pound) or 2 small (25 pounds or less) warm blooded, four legged pet (i.e. dog or cat); OR two birds (birds of larger species, such as parrots are limited to one), OR up to a ten-gallon fish aquarium. We do not accept the aggressive breeds (such as Rottweilers or pit bulls).

What utilities am I required to pay?

You must get electric in your name. This will cover your lights and anything you plug in. Cable TV, garbage, water, sewer, heating and cooling are all included in your rent.

Do you have furnished units?

Yes, depending on availability, we can offer furnished apartments for an added fee each month.

Can I get an extra parking spot or garage if my apartment does not have what I need?

Yes. If available, you can rent an extra parking spot or garage for an extra fee each month.

Do you offer short term leases?

Yes. We offer a minimum of a 3-month “short term” lease for an additional $125/month added to the rent.